Assignment 1

Key Points:

  1. The "wall storage unit" is Step 1 and Step 2
  2. Everyone has a model for everything even if they are not aware of it
  3. Step 2 is one of the four thought processes
  4. Unhealthy communication is abuse
  5. The first measure of uniqueness (Step 1) is how far down the road the Driver looks
  6. The second measure of uniqueness (Step 1) is how the Driver changes lanes
  7. The third measure of uniqueness (Step 1) is the motivation of the Driver

Assignment 1:

  1. Download the lesson PDF
  2. Identify the five people you interact with the most
  3. Identify the people you want to improve your interactions
  4. Watch the short Intangible Driver® videos below to help you begin to complete Assignment 1

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